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December 2017 Archives

Disability Claim By A Spouse In Divorce

disability-claim.jpgDivorce laws in the United States might vary from state to state. Each state determines the best processes for awarding alimony, or child support, and the division of assets. Sometimes the decision varies from case to case and based on the individual situation.

Paternity Testing in California


California's Paternity Testing Laws

In the state of California, the terms "paternity" and "parentage" are often used interchangeably. In parentage court cases or paternity cases, orders are passed by the court to determine the identity of the child's father.

Child Support and Shared Custody


Child Support Rules in Shared Custody

Many parents are surprised to know that child support could be ordered even under shared custody. Shared legal custody implies that parents are joint decision makers for the child, and this does not have any impact on the amount of child support decided by the court. Only in the case of joint physical custody, i.e. the child would live with either parent, does the issue of child support come up.

Handling Retirement Plans in Divorce Cases


Retirement Plans in Divorce Cases

The retirement system in each state has designed a specific set of rules that are applicable to the pension division of state workers in divorce cases. Although an individual does not receive any benefits from the pension scheme till the retirement age, the plan can usually be split up before retirement in case there is a divorce involved.

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