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Marrying out of your league increases the chances of divorce

You may have heard the term "marrying out of your league." It refers to a situation in which someone's spouse is significantly more attractive than their partner. Many people say love is blind, but studies show that men who marry spouses who are significantly more attractive than them have less-committed spouses and face a higher risk of divorce.

One study found that physically mismatched couples have a higher risk of encountering trouble in their relationship, not because the more attractive spouse is less committed, but because the less attractive spouse is more likely to become jealous and mistrusting.

Surrogacy, Donors & Babies Born with DNA from 3 Different People

Today, DNA technology is modernizing the world of unconventional pregnancies, often involving donors and surrogates. For a 32 year old woman in Greece, this helped her birth her first healthy baby boy after four unsuccessful attempts with the InVitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. In cases of "collaborative reproduction" such as this, it's important to know the legalities of such modernized genetic relationships.

The new progressive technology that supported this woman's pregnancy is a technique where the DNA of the donor's egg is removed and is replaced with the DNA of the intended mother before it is fertilized. This technique is referred to as Maternal Spindle Transfer. Though this procedure often occurs when the intended mother's mitochondria, being the primary energy source for carrying out early development for embryos, is unhealthy, this new mother was not inhibited by this issue.

Divorcing? Many factors affect you

Making the decision to end your marriage is not always easy, especially if there was no significant event leading up to the decision. Many people take months or years to come to the conclusion that their marriage cannot be saved.

If you're one of those people, then it's important for you to take the time to get your paperwork together before you move forward with the divorce. After you and your spouse discuss the divorce, it may be hard for you to obtain documents, especially if they are angry about your choice. In that case, it's better to get the documents prior to the discussion, so there's a better chance of getting all financial information and documentation on assets to your attorney.

Work hard, play hard

shulman dogs-2.jpg

Abby and Max are enjoying a stroll in the park together after a long day at the office.

Pet custody is another part of divorce that can be difficult for people to handle. But now, after California's recent legislative revision to division of property, pet ownership is treated as a custody issue. This means the new law acknowledges animals as our family members.

Notoriety adds stress to divorce

Divorce is a stressful time for anyone, but it can be especially stressful when under the spotlight.

TV personality Wendy Williams has recently filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter, husband for over 20 years and executive producer of her talk show. During this time, Ms. Williams is seeking child support and other reliefs that the New Jersey Court would deem "fair and equitable."

Public Exposure: preserving privacy during divorce litigation

If you are thinking about divorce but suspect it may result in a heated court battle, you may be worried about the impact such litigation will have on your personal and professional reputation. This is a valid and completely understandable fear. When divorce results in heated drama and the stakes are high for you or your business, all options within your wheelhouse should be used to protect your privacy and avoid negative publicity. Your attorney can help protect your reputation during this time and in the future.

Even California doesn't always have an equal split of assets

Community property states, like California, make property division in divorce slightly easier by requiring an equal split of marital assets. That has its benefits, but it can also be difficult for couples who have not equally contributed to a marriage. There could be animosity or frustration with the idea of a party who did less for the marriage getting the same payout as someone who contributed more.

Before you divide your property, you'll need to look at which pieces of property are considered marital or separate. If there are assets you don't want your spouse to have, the best thing you can do is find a way to prove that it's separate property. For example, some pieces of separate property include:

  • Inheritances held separately during the marriage
  • Gifts received from your spouse
  • Property you acquire after your marriage is dissolved
  • Personal injury proceeds from court cases or settlements
  • Bank accounts that have been kept separate

Joint custody is a positive option for children of divorce

One of the best types of custody to look into is joint custody. Shared, or joint, custody is normally close to equal, which means that a child spends time with both parents regularly.

Psychologically, joint custody is a major benefit to children. However, parents need to be able to handle the nature of the arrangement. They must be able to work together to decide on how to raise their children, and they need to work to reduce conflict as much as possible.

Should I be offended if offered a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are an important part of many marriages, but despite knowing how they can help, many people don't have them. Why? They may not know the importance of these agreements or not understand how they can help them.

When people think about prenuptial agreements, they often imagine that they are arrangements that put one spouse ahead of the other if they divorce. The arrangement, for instance, might limit how much one spouse can get from the other upon divorce. That's true to an extent, but only if you agree to an unfair prenuptial agreement.

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