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Rodrigo J. Moscoso

Rodrigo J. Moscoso

Legal Clerk & Office Administrator

Rodrigo is the legal clerk and office administrator at the Shulman Family Law Group. Being a pre-law student, he’s particularly interested in learning about the intricacies of the law and the nuances that go into family matters. Rodrigo graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018 and, after completing a graduate program at UCLA, recently joined our team. Beyond his clerical duties, however, he is also an enthusiastic team member who is always ready to provide clients with a warm welcome to the office.

As a student of the Classics, Rodrigo enjoys taking every opportunity to explore the connection between the roots of Latin words and the legal terms. In addition to family law, he is also drawn towards the public sector and is, thus, interested in the ways in which both family law and government institutions can be used as vehicles to assist the many Americans who find themselves without appropriate legal representation.

Being new to the firm, Rodrigo is taking this opportunity to apply much of his experience in both the academic and professional environments in the service of Ms. Shulman’s clients. Although he is a local from Westlake Village, Rodrigo has spent much of his life abroad and can manage to speak four other languages, including Spanish, Italian, Latin and Greek. His attention to detail, as well as his eagerness to learn more about the law, are his main contributions to the Shulman Family Law Group.