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Cheyenne Ismailciuc

Cheyenne Ismailciuc

Social Media Coordinator

Cheyenne is the Social Media Coordinator at Shulman Family Law Group. She is at work keeping SFLG’s social media platforms up to date with recent law blogs, practices and news. Her goal is to provide clients with the most current information regarding the office and family law.

Additionally, Cheyenne joined SFLG with several years of design experience, acting as a helping hand to insure our website is accessible and appealing. Being with the team for over a year, Cheyenne continues to learn about the nuances of Family Law and is looking to integrate her studies into this field.

Pursuing her master’s in Human-Computer Interaction through the University of Washington, her personal aspiration is to apply design towards technology. Cheyenne hopes to create a product that intersects law and digital media into a simplified, engaging user experience. Believing it will expand her knowledge and perspective, Cheyenne is excited to be a part of the SFLG team.