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Legal Clerk & Office Administrator

Andrea is the legal clerk and office administrator at Shulman Family Law Group. She attended College of the Canyons, Valencia, CA; where she completed the registered nursing program and also completed childhood education courses. She then went to a vocational school to become a surgical technologist, still in progress. Andrea loves interacting and is always eager to help, with that being said she has volunteered for Children’s Hospital of Santa Monica. From a young age, Andrea has always been altruistic; her dream is to make a difference in lives, whether that is in the medical or legal field.

Andrea is always enthusiastic to greet clients with a warm welcome. Aside from having a medical background, she also has a strong background in immigration law. She has worked well-known attorneys in the San Fernando Valley. She is fluent in Spanish and has some knowledge in French, taking 4 years in high school. Andrea is taking this opportunity to apply her experience at Shulman Family Law Group. She is eager to learn, take new responsibilities and have a helping hand, even with being new to the firm.