Experienced Legal Counsel Regarding Registered Domestic Partnerships

With the breakthrough Supreme Court rulings relating to the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, the question arises: what becomes of registered domestic partnerships in California and the accompanying registered domestic partner status?

First of all, there are domestic partners who are not same-sex. Seniors, who may also be registered domestic partners, among others, form unions for different reasons, often financial. For them, the registered domestic partner status will retain support.

Second, there are same-sex partnerships that for one reason or another will not opt to get married. Shulman Family Law Group continues to provide legal services to any couple seeking registered domestic partnership or to understand how the law applies to them in the new environment.

Some domestic partners will have to dissolve the partnership and will need assistance in navigating the complexities of property valuation and division. Some are interested in spousal support and how it applies to their situation.

Providing Legal Expertise In Time Of Transition

The lawyers at Shulman Family Law Group are familiar with all the legal issues that arise from registered domestic partner status, including:

  • Registration
  • Divorce for couples legally married in California
  • Dissolution of domestic partnerships
  • Division of marital/partnership property and debt
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Modifications to orders
  • Adoption services
  • Financial and medical powers of attorney
  • Health and disability insurance issues
  • Pension benefits, including retroactive benefits for state employees
  • Name changes
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Estate and taxation issues

At the family law firm of Shulman Family Law Group, clients expect superior communication, unsurpassed expertise and professionalism in all that we do.

These are evolving times in California family law. Statutes and case law are changing rapidly. At Shulman Family Law Group, we stay current with these changes to deliver maximum protection to you and your loved ones.

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