Protecting Your Rights In Same-Sex Divorce

Prior to the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide in 2015, same-sex couples who wanted to get divorced often encountered legal challenges that heterosexual couples did not. For example, if they were married in a state where same-sex marriage was legal, then moved to a state that did not recognize that right, that state may not recognize their divorce.

These challenges are no longer a concern. Same-sex couples in California have the same rights in divorce as heterosexual couples. Issues such as property division and spousal support are treated just as they are in any divorce.

At Shulman Family Law Group in Calabasas, we welcome the opportunity to represent clients in same-sex divorces. Our lawyers will protect your rights and work to put you in the best possible position to begin your post-divorce life. We also represent gay and lesbian clients in post-divorce matters such as relocating with a child or modifying existing orders regarding spousal support, custody or child support.

Child Custody In Same-Sex Divorce

Child custody in a same-sex marriage is treated similarly to any other California divorce as long as both parties are the legal parents of the child. However, if only one spouse is the legal parent — for example, that person is the biological parent and the same-sex partner did not legally adopt the child — resolving custody and parenting time issues may be more complicated.

In any custody matter, parties are encouraged to keep the best interests of the child in mind when reaching agreement on custody and allotting time for a noncustodial parent. We work to reach effective resolutions in order to minimize the impact of a divorce on children.

We also assist clients who are in a domestic partnership address property division and parenting issues.

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