Mediation And Private Judging Offer Alternatives To Traditional Divorce

In addition to being family law litigators, vigorously advocating for our clients, the attorneys at Shulman Family Law Group, are also available as mediators, working neutrally with both parties in a dissolution, parentage, adoption and domestic partnership to resolve serious issues in an environment that fosters calm, reason and confidentiality.

Mediation is one of the most cost-effective methods today in divorce cases. Courts in California and across the nation are implementing mediation programs as a result of their proven success record. We believe that mediation can be beneficial for both parties. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the mediation process and our attorneys will review your case and advise you whether mediation is a good choice for your situation.

Divorce Mediation Facts

  • A quarter-million people engage in divorce mediation every year.
  • Mediation allows couples to express their thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment.
  • California legislation has encouraged the initiation of mediation programs in all California court systems.
  • Mediation is voluntary.
  • Statistics show that mediation enables both parties to feel that they are in control of their case and have been listened to.
  • Mediation allows couples to remain civil and amicable during the divorce process.
  • Mediation is not used in cases involving domestic violence or if a parent has been charged with a crime.

How Mediation Works

Once both spouses have agreed to mediation, there is an initial meeting between them and their mediator in which the spouses and the mediator discuss the issues to be decided through mediation. Depending on the complexity of the divorce, there will be additional meetings where spouses are encouraged to be honest and open about their feelings regarding the specific issue they are discussing. The mediator acts as a third party, guiding the discussion and making sure that both spouses are satisfied with the agreement based on full compliance with California Family Code and Court Rules.

The Private Judging Alternative

If your family law problem requires rapid attention, binding action and absolute discretion, the opposing parties can share the cost of hiring a private judge to rule on their case. Attorney Maya Shulman is able to serve as a private judge. The benefits of a private judge include:

  • Confidentiality — Private judging occurs behind closed doors, at clients' convenience, without unwanted spectators and without the press.
  • Quality control — When two sides choose a judge together, they can choose someone with demonstrated expertise.
  • Focus — A private judge is not hurried by a loaded court docket.
  • Speed — There is no case backlog to slow the process.

Learn More About Your Alternatives

We invite you to call or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We can review the alternatives to the traditional divorce process and help you determine if one is right for you. Our lawyers represent clients throughout California from offices in Calabasas and Santa Barbara.