Cohabitation Agreements Effectively Set Asset Division Parameters

Cohabitation agreements are for any couple, straight or gay, who wants to regulate property rights arising from the relationship, and to make explicit arrangements for mutual financial support, managing debt and other significant issues.

Protect Your Finances — Your Assets

Cohabitation agreements work like prenuptial agreements: They allow the individuals in the nonmarital relationship to state in advance of separation who will keep specific assets, and what will become of assets purchased jointly. Cohabitation agreements are binding and recognized by California courts.

If you are considering moving in with a partner, or you are already living with one, contact the attorneys at Shulman Family Law Group. A cohabitation agreement can:

  • Legally declare that a formal relationship exists
  • Distinguish separate from joint property
  • Designate specific rights and obligations

At the family law firm of Shulman Family Law Group, clients expect superior communications, expertise and professionalism in all that we do. Our reputation for respectful and effective work drawing up binding relationship agreements sets us apart from other firms.

We Are Ready To Advise You On Cohabitation Agreements

A lawyer from Shulman Family Law Group will discuss a cohabitation agreement that will provide you and your partner the legal security that you need in the future. We also work with couples wishing to create or maintain domestic partnership agreements in the post-DOMA era.

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